Workshop with Teachers.

A Report on Workshop with Teachers.

Workshop Organized by:-Anjar Education Society


From: 20th April to 5th of May ,2018

 & 6th June to 9th June,2018

EXPERT TRAINER : Mr. Maulik Dholkia


It is a good platform to address some academic issues/challenges/problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get deeper understanding on subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, it was also a need from Anjar education Society School’s teachers to experience such platform as they were finding out few solutions to overcome with some pedagogical implications while dealing English language teaching during their classes.

Since English is one of the most widely spoken international language and is of great importance to all those employed in Education sector. So having a proficient level of English allows teacher professionals to communicate more freely with their students. People working in the education sector also need to develop sound English language communication and conversation skills in order to enhance their self-confidence, which is key to student’s future progress.

Based on this principal, KEEP seeks to offer three week intensive English Language Course the contents of which are based on spoken English for teachers professional’s day-to-day need to communicate practically with their students.

The workshop was based on:-

  1. What is current need of the school?
  2. How do we create environment receptive while teaching / communicating English?
  3. How teachers learn English language communication?
  4. Preparing concept /mind map, designing worksheet and knowing English learning gaps.

The 20 day Workshop helps to understand the basic principles of English communization:-

  • For effective communication we should search various references such as Books from NCERT, Teachers Portal and worksheets, sources, stories.
  • How aims of education can be seen in classroom situation? For example: Speaking turn wise, listening other by patience, instead of quarrelling better to talk, converse and having uniformity, to respect others independency, to give respect to others work and thoughts. Creating fearless environment.
  • To display the things made by students in class would help students to feel honor. Enhance Glossary as per subject. Many tasks can be completed by Glossary. xiii. Worksheet, Class work and Homework will be finalized, as per the demand of lesson. It helps to write a report.
  • For preparation and planning talk with colleagues, discuss and then activities to be finalized.
  • Discipline does not involve punishment
  •  Reflections to be given not for student, but the work done by him/her.
  •  To make 2-3 rules or classroom conversation which can be followed easily?
  •  To specify the voice and then to converse in the pattern.
  •  In different Groups -teacher must give attention to every group at least 2-3 minutes and watch each student. vi. Positive talking to student for discipline in class. Not to insult between other students, standing outside the class, no negative conversation. To converse alone will be better


This course focused on providing our teachers with the tools of English Language. The methods applied in this course were aimed at encouraging teacher’s participation in order for them to practice speaking as much as possible, in a supportive environment.

The course was structured by integrating grammar lessons and the practical vocabulary needed for students. This was flexible as per the needs of the students as well as of the teachers.