Mummy’s special Kutchi food dish Garnishing  Competition

“Creativity is taking a simple thing and bringing it to life”.

On 13th JULY , 2018 Kachchhi food Competition was arranged for  students of H.B.Palan college of commerce , managed by Anjar Education Society .The students were asked to bring the required material and they decorated dish  in their own creative way. The main aim of the competition was to help the students to exhibit their talent, showing love & pray to God by decorating ” Mummy’s special Dish “.

students  decorated dish  beautifully. They used many new ideas for decorating dish . The students participated enthusiastically in this competition. Mrs. Pushpaben Palan and  Mrs.Nital Chiragbhai Shah were the invited Judges for the competition. Names of winners are as follows:

1) Ravi Pandya ( S.Y.B.Com)

2) Mata Karuna ( S.Y.B.Com)

3) Miss. Ruchi Sharma( F.Y.B.Com)