Moral Story Telling Competition 2019

Moral Story Telling Competition Report

The Moral Story Telling Competition (MSTC), which was initiated by Mission Ethical India Society (MEIS), was held at Anjar Education Society on Shilpa Anjali Vidhya Mandir Campus on 9th August, 2019 Friday along with four other states of India viz. Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Manipur. It was held consisting four schools, Shilpa-Anjali Vidhya Mandir (Classes 1 to 8), Thacker NPN High School(Classes 9 and 10), Smt K.G. Manek English School(Classes 1 to 8) and Shree Uttam Secondary School (Classes 9 and 10) of Anjar Education Society. The competition was in two categories viz. Classes 1 to 5 and 6 to 10 in both Gujarati and English mediums under the Programme Coordinatorship of Ms Shilpa Vaghani.

The whole competition was planned in three phases. In the first phase, it was held class wise and the top story-teller student was picked by the class teachers of class 1 to 10 including both the mediums and each division separately. Thus, there were 44 students who entered second phase which was a training phase. In this phase, section wise different teachers –Ms Nivedita Chauhan, Mr Paresh Bhatt and Ms Khyati Thacker trained classes 1 to 3, 4 to 8 and 9 and 10 students respectively from English Medium whereas in Gujarati Medium Ms Ankita Pandya and Mr Sabir Lodhiya guided the students from classes 1 to 8 and 9 and 10 respectively. During this session, the guardians supported the teachersas well in preparing the students.

In the third and final stage, the competition was held in two parts on Friday; in the morning classes 1 to 5 were included. This section was judged by Mr Aziz Chharecha from Shilpa Anjali Vidhya Mandir and Ms Bhagyashree Gohil from Smt K.G. Manek English School. Many of the participants donned various costumes related to their stories and brought various props and presented quite vividly in front of all the student and staff of classes 1 to 5 of both the schools. Their parents were also invited on the day. Just after the classes 1 to 5, the second category classes 6 to 10 students’ competition began. They too presented emphatically and drew attention of all those who were present at the event including their guardians, teachers and all the students from these classes. In this category, the judges were Ms Nidhi Goswami from Smt K.G. Manek English School and Ms Jagruti Pandya from Thacker NPN High School.

In classes 1 to 5 English Medium, the winners were Shrushti Bhagat (4-A), Arvi Mata (4-B) and Yutika Parmar (5-B) who got the 1st , 2nd and 3rd ranks respectively while in Gujarati Medium the winners were Jiyaba Jadeja (3-A), Vidishaba Jadeja (1-B) and Janvi Pargadu (2-B) who stood 1st , 2nd and 3rd respectively. In classes 6 to 10 English Medium, the winners in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions were Shriya Tank (8-B), Princy Barot (6-A) and Neha Chaurasiya (9-A) respectively and from Gujarati Medium, Grinsi Gajjar (10-A), Dipen Ahir (9-B) and Solanki Parth (7-B) with equal marks and Parekh Meet(10-C) respectively achieved the 1st , 2nd and 3rd ranks respectively. All the winners were called upon the stage along with their trainers and parents and felicitated. All the winners were given prizes sponsored by Shri Madhubhai Manek and a certificate by MEIS.

The occasion of all the four events was graced by the Vice President of Anjar Education Society Shri Kishorbhai Dakshini, Campus Coordinator Dr Shilpa Bhatt, Education Consultant Mr Maulik Dholakia, English Medium Principals Mr Mukund Bhagat, Dr Farid Khoja and Ms Jigna Rawaland Gujarati Medium Principals Mr Nilesh Chavda and Mr Surajsinh Chudasama. All the events were compèred by the Programme Coordinator of the entire competition Ms Shilpa Vaghani. Mr Jitesh Solanki contributed with the photography and video shoot of the performances of all the participants. All the teaching and non-teaching staff had been quite supportive all through the programme and made the programme a grand success.

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