Message of Education Consultant

The word “Education” has its root in the Latin word “educere” means “TO LEAD OUT”. How accurate it is for the process of education which has two major aspects of human life viz. Spiritual Development and Material Development. How true it is for both the processes! As for the Spiritual Development one has ultimately to ‘Lead Oneself’ and for the Material Development one needs a place where one is nurtured, guided and trained to reach to one’s optimum potential.

Anjar Education Society has been thriving ceaselessly to do just that since 1972. As an Educational Consultant with this organization, which has the widest spectrum of education –literally from Pre-Primary to Post Graduation, fondly said KG to PG, and that too in both Gujarati and English Medium, we have prioritized the Soundest of Quality with the most possible affordable rates for all the guardians of Kutch without aiming at any particular strata of the society. Though we constantly work for achieving Total Quality Management (TQM) in every aspect of our each and every activity, I, personally look after the core of any educational organization i.e. ‘finally what students are gaining being on campus’ and ‘how the proceedings can get better’. Beginning with paying special attention to the teaching pattern, thorough lesson planning that assures quality teaching-learning in the class, the span will encompass the assurance of the quality of all the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and the final outcome of all that shows how much the students have gained in terms of “Learning”. It is because, we are or we behave what we have learnt since birth whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. We are committed to that.

I would be happy to get the views at from the guardians, students, any of the staff members or an education well-wisher with regard to getting our Anjar Education Society to the level higher than its present level with realistic, sustainable and dedicated approach to excel in education.

Maulik Dholakia
Education  Consultant,
Anjar  Education Society (AES)