Hindi Divas Celebration

PLACE: KGMES, SUSES                                                     DATE: 14th September, 2018

Day: Friday

The staff and students of KGMES and  SUSES celebrated HINDI DIVAS on 14TH  September, 2018 in school as a mark of acknowledgement of HINDI as the National Language.


  1. To make students aware about the importance of National Language.
  2. To develop their skill, knowledge of HINDI language.

The celebration began with assembly which was conducted in HINDI

where speech was delivered on Importance of  “HINDI DIVAS  & HINDI   LANGUAGE”.

On this day 2 competition were organized for students of STD 4 to 10 :

Sr. No.           STD                             Competition                       Winners

4 TO 8 Copy writing

(i) 4 B- Dave Aditi

(ii) 5 A- Abhishek Sharma

(iii) 6 B- Pandya Raj

(iv) 7 A- Aadiwal Vishakha

(v) 8 B- Mehta Fenny

9 & 10 Hindi Vocabulary

(i) 10 A – Wagh Tejas

(ii) 10 B- Madhiyar  Zeel

(iii) 9 A- Thacker Bansi

On this Day principal of KGMES & SUSES Dr. Fareed Khoja guided students and teachers about this day and celebration. Celebration activities handled by Paresh Bhatt  and duty of examining competition papers was rendered  by Raj Rathod, Jighyasa Rathod, Mukund Bhagat, Dharmisthaba  Gohil.

All students participated with Zeal and enthusiasm and celebrated this day successfully.