Friendship Day Celebration with Police Department Anjar

Friendship day celebration with police department

Smt.H.B.Palan College of Commerce celebrated friendship day with Police department to promote friendliness and break the ice of hesitation between college students and police. College students also tied friendship band to police officer and policemen to intiate friendship.

According to IPS officer madam shree Sahitya.V its very significant that College youth students to know the role of police department, they should feel comfortable to interact with them, she also suggested that College students must contribute and involve in social change activities ..

Happy friendship day to all the police department staff of Anjar , gandhidham and meghpar .

College staff Dr.Ravi kotak, Mr.Ravi Mali, Faizal Khatri , Miss Nagma Devani motivated College students and joined the friendship campaign.

Dr.Shilpa Shukla Bhatt (I/C Principal ) conveyed her gratitude on behalf of AES and College family for permission of Police Department. Also acknowledge the special thanks to Madam sheree Sahitya.V for her valuable time and encouraging words.