Fancy Dress

Fancy dress Competition was held on date 22/12/2016

Students from Std 1st to 3rd have participated in Fancy dress competition.Total 64 students participated. Theme was 1949,any character and Environment. Children were enthusiastically participated and enjoyed themselves being that character. Bhavi Dholakiya and

Sushma Dave were Judges.


Names of winners:

Name                                                 Character                                      Std.

1st  Zota Suchi A.                               Tree                                              III-C

2nd  Gohil Aryaba K.                        Earth                                            I-B

3rd  Kariya Darshil V.                       Lal Bahadur Shashtri              I –A

3rd  Baldaniya Yashika K.                Mango                                         I -B

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