Eye Health care

Eye Checkup Camp for students at ANJAR EDUCATION SOCIETY

An Eye Checkup camp was held in school on Tuesday & Wednesday, 17-07-2018 & 18-07-18. A team of Eye specialists came to do eye checkup of the students from classes Nursery to Twelve and the camp was advantageous for the students as they got an opportunity to know more about various aspects of eye care. The doctors brought well-equipped eye examination tools to examine the students effectively.

They also spoke to the students about how to increase awareness and improve access to eye healthcare services. The objective of this event was to spread awareness on eye disorder, their early detection and detect refractive errors and eye ailments among school children. The students also asked the queries they had in their mind which were solved by eye specialists. Attendees with eye problems requiring continued medical attention were given referral slips. The camp turned out to be very beneficial for our students. This camp will bring a change in behavior of the students and they would now start taking preventive measures to avoid eye health problems. Students undergoing routine checkup in the school infirmary.