Drawing and art Session

Drawing and Art session was held on 17/12/2016 18/12/2016 and 1/1/2017 at Shaishav School for the students of English medium STD 5th to STD 8th proved to be beneficiary in all the ways.

Students have learnt to make new pattern and structure in drawing. Different types of Art work were taught and also competition was held for all the students. During these 3 days of sessions, students drawing, colouring and art talent and skill was developed. Overall it was good blend of various forms of art and drawing given by expert faculty of Gujarat Kala Sangh.

img_20161223_163755 img_20161223_164419 img_20161223_165050 img_20161223_165216 img_20161223_165310 img_20161223_172733 img_20161223_173009