Ashadi Bij Celebration

Date:- 13th July, 2018

Activity:- Smt. V.J. Wadhwa Smart Kids and Shaishav Pre-Primary Section celebrated Ashadhi bij at College building. Students and their mothers came in traditional Kutchi dress up and taken part in ramp walk.Our President Sir- Mr. Chandrakantbhai  Palan, Secretary- Shri Prafulbhai Pandya, Education Co-Ordinator- Dr. Shilpaben Bhatt, Principal of  Smt.K.G. Manek Mrs. Monikaben Sharma and Co-Ordinator of Shaishav Mrs. Alpa Joshi. All other Principal of  AES joined for the event. Judges were Mrs. Pushpa ben Palan and Nital ben Shah. The winners of ramp walk were 1st Gopiben Mata, 2nd Artiben Mata, 3rd Basantiben Rathod .Students of smart kids and shaishav performed group kutchi dance and kutchi song was sung by smart kids teachers.There was tea coffee refreshment and kutchi snacks like sweets(peda),kharek and wafers were given to mothers.All the mothers and children enjoyed a lot.