Aptitude Test For Class 9th to 12th Of Uttam Secondary & Southernterm Higher Secondary School Students

Aptitude test for class 9th to 12th of Uttam Secondary & Southernterm higher secondary school students to chart their future

In the month of January, an online Aptitude test was conducted for students of Class 9th to 12th.

The test is being conducted for clearing any sort of confusion a student might face, while opting for subjects for higher studies.

As students enter secondary stage of schooling, they move closer to making many important choices, one of which is deciding the subjects and courses of study at senior secondary level such as Humanities, Commerce, Science or Vocational. This decision of students is influenced by a number of factors such as their interests, attitudes, motivation, personality and aptitude. The decision of students is often influenced by their parents, family members, friends and teachers. Teachers and parents play a significant role in helping students to take decisions by facilitating students to know their aspirations, strengths and limitations. As we all know that when students know their strengths, it helps them to become motivated and put more efforts which is likely to result in improved performance. Keeping that in mind and with the help of Maa Foundation-Vaapi, Anjar Education Society is taking intiative to oragnize Aptitude test for all the secondary and higher secondary students.